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Explore & Experience Cape Cod Waterways

Explore freshwater ponds and inner bays from South Dennis through Wellfleet along the abandoned Penn Central Railway. It is 26 miles in length and travels through some of the most picturesque scenery on Cape Cod. Beautiful forests, kettle ponds and salt marshes are all sights to be enjoyed.​.

Family Kayaking

Paddling Scenic Wateways

The Cape Cod Rail Trail wind’s through some beautiful landscapes with scenic waterways. Scattered throughout the trail are kettle ponds. These freshwater ponds were formed by retreating glaciers leaving chunks of ice behind. The ice blocks eventually melted, creating the ponds. They provide a serene and natural atmosphere along the ride.

Sheep Pond combo.jpg

Long Pond, Brewster

Long Pond is a 743-acre Great Pond, the largest freshwater pond on Cape Cod. The average depth is 30 feet and the maximum depth is 70 feet, transparency is good, extending to 14 feet.  Three small ponds are connected to the main pond by small channels: Black, Smalls and Greenland Ponds. The entire system drains into the Herring River.

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Nickerson State Park

Nickerson State Park is only 2.2 miles away from us. The park contains about 7 miles of bike paths and several lakes suitable for swimming and boating.​  Big Cliff Pond and Little Cliff Pond offer easy access, great beach and lots of boating adventure.

sheep pond combo.jpg

Sheep Pond, Brewster

Sheep Pond is a 152-acre great pond with an average depth of 30 feet and a maximum depth of 64 feet. The water is clear and transparency is very good, extending to about 20 feet. The bottom of the pond and its 2.6 miles of shoreline are predominantly sand and surrounded by wooded bluffs and hills lightly developed with permanent homes

Paines Creek combo.jpg

Paines Creek Beach

Stony Brook stream joins Cape Cod Bay at this spot and it is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Brewster.  The tides come and go here and wash in and out of the marshes, the creek, and between the rocks.  It is a great spot to launch your kayak or your stand up paddleboard. Parking is limited to a few spots.

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