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Kayaks & SUPs

Rail Trail Bike & Kayak stocks a full range of watersports rental equipment to maximize your fun on Cape Cod during the summer. We offer Old Town kayaks for flawater exploration on the Cape's many ponds, brackish estuaries and saltwater rivers. Additionally, we now feature BIC Sport stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) in a variety of sizes for a different perspective on the water.
SUPs and kayaks for rent at Rail Trail Bike Shop
Our SUP trailer, full of paddleboards for rent
SUPs are the latest trend in crossover sports combining the paddling aspect of kayaks and surfing aspect of longboards. They're unique in their adaptability to a wider variety of applications including lakes, rivers, marshland, reservoirs and also the ocean. Stand-up paddling provides a full-body workout by working the core mid section, upper body and legs.
Stop by and try out one of these unique hybrid boards for yourself on one of Brewster's beautiful kettle ponds on a hot summer day. The convenience of paddleboards is that they provide an instant diving board if you want to cool off in the water anytime! All SUPs come with a paddle and leash.
Nickerson State Park kettle pond
Saltwater marshland near Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod
As always, all our watersports equipment is available to rent by the hour, day or week. Check out the rates page for pricing and more information. Give us a call in advance if you'd like to reserve your kayak or SUP for a leisurely paddle in the Cape's scenic wetlands, lakes or the sea.


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